Southwick Baptist Church

Signposting the way to Jesus


A team {see picture} from the Youth Group at Southwick Baptist Church has taken part in a Mission Trip to Uganda, working in the slums of Kampala, during October 2014. Please read the background information sheet which provides further details of this exciting and challenging venture.

In support of the trip the group needed to raise £10,000, over half of the total cost, and this was achieved in a year through fundraising events and activities supported by some generous donations.   

Our time in Uganda (and our blog)

We travelled to Uganda on Thursday 23rd October 2014 and returned to the UK on Sunday 2nd November 2014. We embraced a busy programme of activities planned and were excited to spend this time working with Alex and his team of volunteers in Uganda serving the most needy comunities in Kampala. We used a blog to keep up a journal with daily entries sharing a little of our experiences. Please feel free to take a look - the blog can be found by clicking the following blog link - StepOut58-Uganda Blog

A big thank you to everybody who, in all sorts of ways, have supported us!