Southwick Baptist Church

Signposting the way to Jesus


All ages -

Fusion includes ALL of the children's/youth work. As well as all the group leaders meeting together through the year we also arrange for all of the young people to do activites together. An example of this is on every fifth sunday when we have a "Fusion Service" where they all meet together to worship God in fun and interesting ways. 


 (School Years 10 - 13)

We are very pleased to be able to start a new group that have called themselves 'Triple-F' (Fun, Faith and Friendship). They meet up at the Chapel on the 3rd sunday of every month where they come together to chat about real issues they face and are a great support to each other. Many of the group attend YPT on the 4th sunday.


(School Years 7 - 9)

YPOD (young people's ongoing discovery) meet at the Chapel from 10.30am on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. On the 2nd sunday they join the Family service at the School and on the 4th Sunday the year 5+ meet at the Chapel for YPT.


(School Years 4 - 6)

JC:app (Jesus Christ Applied) meet at the Chapel from 10.30am on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. On the 2nd Sunday they join the Family Service at the School and on the 4th Sunday they meet at the School.


(School Years 1 - 3)

Every Sunday these young people join in the first part of the service and then go out to JAM (Jesus and Me) at about 11.00am.


(School Years 2+)

On the first sunday of each month there is an opportunity to meet at the chapel from 10.30am for a "Might get Messy" Sunday!  




This group is for Year 5 and above. They meet on every fourth Sunday at the chapel from 10.30am. Last year the group shared some of their plays, mimes and sketches in family services. Everyone who attends has great fun and they have all done really well.



Many of our young people enjoy music and many are able to play flutes, drums, clarinets as well as using their voices. Some of them asked if they could join the worship team so they now play with the main worship team at the Family Service (which is on the 2nd sunday of the month) We try to meet at the chapel for a practice on the Friday before at 7.15pm.  Our aim is to nurture and teach our young people about "Worship" and to encourage them in the gifts God has given each one of them.